I must say if you have read our past reviews on wines from France I have not been that kind. Was it the wines fault "..." probably! With that said, in my ever quest for knowledge of wine I have recently been reading about wines from France. In fact I have reread articles 2-3 times each and probably will reread the same information again. Without going into a small lesson on French wine I will just say they do things so differently then we do in America. I think this is a good thing and adds diversity and uniqueness to wines from around the world. I will just write about what the French call producers. These producers source grapes from different vineyards most of the time and then make wine. The wines are not judged by the vineyards or wine grower, but what producer made the wine. Usually the more well known producer the better the wine. It just gets deeper from there which is why I am reading the chapter on French wines a third time "..." just deep!

Since I live in California I will tell you most wines here are not from a producer. They usually come from a winery that has their name on the bottle, along with the vineyard and a year plus the amount of alcohol. If it just says red something then you know you have grapes that have been sourced from all over and if it does not have a year you may have blends of years combined also.

Our Jacques De Merial Chardonnay came from the Bourgogne Appellation or another word that most of us know better as Burgundy. Since I do not read French, which is the same challenge I had last time I reviewed wine from France, I will just tell you what we thought of this wine.

The color was a straw color, darker than most. KD thought the wine had a little more steel taste on the palate. This wine was not over filtered and still had some visible particles in the wine. I detected a little more toast on the palate with apple a medium dry finish with medium acidity. I thought this wine was good and would buy it again. You can find it for about $20.00 and is one of the better French wines we have had in this price range.

We rate this wine (Good)

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Disclaimer: Just because we like or dislike a wine does not mean that you will have the same experience. Of course it's always worth a try....tell us what you think??


Source by Ron L. Anderson