Wine Aerator – The Ultimate Wine Accessory


Imagine this scenario: You have a dinner party this evening. All the food is wonderfully prepared, the table is set beautifully, and the wine has been set to breathe. Wait! You forgot to let the wine breathe! As your guests begin to arrive, what will you do? The answer is a wine aerator.

What Exactly is a Wine Aerator?

This ingenious device allows your best red or white to breathe simply by pouring it through! There’s no need to wait hours any longer for the perfect glass. It allows air to mix with the vino, which does a number of different things. First, it helps bring out the best bouquet, taste, and character. Some younger varieties also need the acidity reduced for a smoother finish, while older bottles may contain some sediment. Sediment results in a less pleasant experience, as can small pieces of cork. A good wine aerator will remove all of that.

Two Distinct Types

There are basically two types of this accessory. The first is held above the glass or decanter and you pour the liquid through it. Unfortunately, it’s a not a very successful means of aeration. In order to get the most benefit from aeration, the wine aerator should sit on top of the glass. This allows the wine to flow down through the aerator and cascade down the curve or “sweet spot” of the glass. When you’re looking for the best aerator available, you should find one that sits on top of the glass or decanter in order to get the best results.

Playing with Colors

You obviously go to a great deal of trouble to ensure that your table looks beautiful, as well as the other settings in your home. There are some of these wine accessories that are very beautiful and some are available in a wide range of colors. You can choose the color that best matches the surroundings in your home. However, also think about the different holidays that are coming up. You may want a couple of different colors, just for these special occasions.

A Final Thought or Two

Why waste hours with the decanting process? The right wine aerator is the perfect solution to your entertaining needs or even when you are just going to enjoy a glass by yourself. You’ll love the way the glass finishes and you’re certain to use one each time you open a bottle.


Source by Steven Magill