Three New Places To Find Great Craft Beer


If you head to your local convenience store or supermarket, you may find that your selection of beer has changed a bit. Moreover, you may find that what was once a somewhat small offering of beers from the usual names in the industry have begun to give way to smaller brands and companies bringing you craft beer.

Craft beer has been a popular movement in the beverage industry for about the last fifteen to twenty years, and its growing popularity is owed to individuals deciding that the beer they were having just wasn’t what they wanted. Craft beer producers take pride in understanding the ingredients that go into their beer, constantly changing the formula how much of each item goes into making the best beer possible.

Though craft beers were once thought to be a bit isolated, the movement has allowed for a number of individuals across the United States to really delve into the brewing world. No matter if you’re looking for more complex hops flavor or a more crisp finish, you’re sure to find a beer that checks off every box you can think of.

But where do you find this craft beer? Sure, it’s great that it is being made & that production is growing into even the most suburban areas of major cities, but that still doesn’t mean these producers are easy to locate, let alone taste.

You are in luck as finding great craft beer is a lot simpler than you might think. Here are three places you can find a pretty impressive selection of craft beers to try:

Your Local Movie Theater – Oddly enough, one of the many public places you can find great beer happens to be at your local movie theater. Now, there’s a caveat to that in so much as not every theater offers alcoholic beverages. However, there has been a growing trend of dine-in movie theaters offering up restaurant-quality meals & drinks for patrons. Moreover, a few of these theaters have actually gone so far as to brew in-house, making their offerings truly one-of-a-kind.

Online Delivery Services – In much the same way you can be sure there is an app for everything, so, too, is there a way to get just about anything you want from the internet, and this includes beer from many locations around the country. While this is a great option for the technologically savvy beer drinker looking for some tremendous variety, you might also get ready for shipping charges as you’re likely to be working with glass bottles, which can be heavy.

Local Specialty Stores – Even though we’re familiar with the liquor stores that were on the outskirts of town, there has been a push to move accessibility to wine & spirits closer to the paying public. As such, this move has made these specialty stores be more organized, safer, have greater variety in all of their offerings, and have a very knowledgeable staff to boot. These staff members are invaluable when it comes to steering you toward the craft beer of your dreams.

Craft beer no longer has to be something you hear or read about elsewhere. Whether by way of convenient delivery, local availability of spirits, or by even checking out a cool, new movie, you, too can be part of the craft beer “cool kids club”.


Source by Morris Raymond