The Glycemic Index and Alcohol


You asked why don’t alcoholic beverages have Glycemic numbers? Aren’t alcoholic beverages created from high carbohydrate ingredients? Actually most alcoholic beverages, like hard liquor, wine and beer contain little or no carbohydrates. Interesting isn’t it? I will point out that the glycemic index has chosen an arbitrary number of 100 with a number of 70 and above called high glycemic and those between 56 and 70 are called medium and below 55 the rating is low. Some foods and drinks are just too low to be included.

Although some hard liquors, like scotch, gin and vodka are made from ingredients that are high in carbohydrates, they do not appear on the index. These liquors contain things like sugar, potatoes, and grains, that are high in carbohydrates but the end product will contain zero carbohydrates, confusing is it not? But I happen to know that this is true due to the fermentation and distillation process of these liquors.

Now when you talk wine most of the sugar found in its grapes is converted to alcohol during the wine making process.

As far as wine goes, a small amount of sugar will still remain in the final product. And now about beer; your beer is fermented during the brewing process, the maltose (which is sugar) that is in the beer is consumed by the yeast and it is converted to alcohol. But a small number of carbohydrates about three grams per one hundred millimeters remain; this is a fraction of the amount of carbs contained in equal servings of your soft drinks.

Keep this in mind that although alcoholic beverages are practically carb free, they are all very high in calories. All by itself alcohol has seven calories per gram. This is higher than the amount that is found in protein and carbohydrates and nearly as much as is found in fat. And for goodness sake, you diabetics should not be fooled by its low carb count, because you risk low blood sugar every time that you drink alcohol.

What does all of this mean? Well an excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages is quite likely to pack a lot of pounds on you. And we all have heard and probably seen what it will do to someone’s liver, maybe even yours? As always, you must live well to be well.


Source by Don George