The Enjoyment Of Wine – Set Aside Your Fears


Doing a search on the net will reveal just how much information is available, as well as how popular wine really is. Unfortunately though many folks are afraid to approach the subject, or even selection due to what one might term as being intimidated. This has been brought about by the apparent technical nature or even the jargon that is thrown around by the more affluent or select few that have the ‘honor’ of reporting or writing about wine.

First and foremost if you enjoy wine, and you are not into all these technical terms, and opinions – then cast them aside, take on the motto of ‘I am paying for the wine, so it’s my choice and according to my likes or dislikes’. This is not to say that we need to be arrogant or indifferent within the wine selection and tasting process, but rather approach this with a sense of discovery and enjoyment, not that of apprehension or of being intimidated.

There are also certain rules or expected behaviors, should we say when it comes to wine and the pairing of wines with specific foods. Although this has often times been based upon specific textures, flavors and so forth, these are not hard and fast rules either. When in the comfort of your own home, you may wish to experiment and change things around a little, which in turn will also afford you the chance discovering some new food and wine pairings – and yes you may discover some great ones, and you may also encounter a few not so great ones too. This is part of the discovery and joy of the wine world.

When it comes to a more formal setting within both the tastings, and food pairing with wine then one should however respect the etiquette surrounding the event or occasion itself. This would include following the set out order of wine tasting, within the tasting perspective – being that of whites and then reds and so forth. And when someone has made the effort of conducting or providing a pairing then this should in turn be approached with the due respect it deserves. After all you will be in the position of being a guest, and respect and behavior should be forthcoming accordingly. Outside of these types of environments allows you to experiment and embark upon your own wine adventures.

If you really enjoy wine, the complexities of the flavors and the various types in terms of blends, or varietals then by all means try and sample as many as possible. This is not to say that you have to fork out wads of cash for the best available, but rather establish some rules for yourself and have a budget range as well as a range that costs a little more for special occasions, or those special guests that you will be inviting around.

The main point here is that when it comes to wine, anything goes really, and you should take the time to discover and enjoy different types, labels, regions and so forth. This is probably one of the only ways you will come to discover the various nuances, flavors and tastes of a world well worth discovering, and enjoying.


Source by Gregg Hansson