The Complete Guide to Corkscrews


The corkscrew was an invention that became a necessity when glass wine bottles became the main way of storage. These airtight bottles allowed for wine to age properly. The downside of these bottles was to come up with a way to open them properly. This is where the corkscrew comes in.

The truth is nobody really knows who invented the corkscrew or when it was invented. The best history experts have been able to come up with is in the 1700’s by blacksmiths. During the 1700’s there were numerous patents made for corkscrews witch confirm the theory of when it was invented.

Today there are all sorts of different types of corkscrews. Corkscrews are often packaged into gift sets or even with particular types of wine. Corkscrews range from simple and cheap to new high-end products such as the Rabbit corkscrew.

Mechanical corkscrews are all the rage in today’s designs. The Rabbit corkscrew has around 20 000 moving parts! It has been estimated that pulling a cork is like lifting 100 pounds. There is no wonder why mechanical corkscrews are so popular. The Rabbit can pull one in just 3 seconds.

It is possible that the corkscrew could some day no longer be needed. These sophisticated design, such as the Rabbit don’t come cheap. Many of today’s wine makers are starting to replace the cork design bottles with screw tops.

There still are plenty of wineries making cork cap bottles. Of course there are those of you who make homemade wine and will continue to use the old type of bottle for years to come. This will keep the corkscrew around for many years to come.


Source by Tyler Casselman