Review: Reidel Vinum XL Cabernet Wine Glasses


When you want great aeration, great nose, exploding flavors and a party in your mouth, choose the Reidel Vinum XL Cabernet Wine Glasses. Traditionally these are designed for Cabernet Wine, but any type of wine can open up well in these glasses. I have used these glasses for wine ranging from Peppery Carmenere to beautiful White Burgundy, such as a White Hermitage or a White Chassagne Montrachet. When you want to fully inhale all of the wonderful aromas of any wine, these large bowl wine glasses help push the notes your way. The diameter of the wine glass plays a huge roll in properly tasting and inhaling the bouquet of a wine. The larger the diameter, the more ability your nose has in being placed in the glasses and taking in all of the notes. This is the reason why I prefer to serve big white wines in these glasses. The larger bowl helps by allowing more room for more aromas.

The Reidel Vinum Xl, differ from the original 1986 Reidel Vinum version by being larger, hence the XL. The Reidel Vinum XL line was produced in 2009. The bowl and stem shapes are all the same, except with the Reidel Vinum XL’s are larger, loftier and more luxurious. This helps the aromas and bouquets open up in the wines. I love using these glasses for my special, very full of oak, white wines. The lower, smaller stem, helps bring the bowl closer to the nose. It also makes for great handling. I love these glasses and I promise you will be very pleased with them. The type of wine glass really makes difference in how your wine tastes. George Reidel calls these glasses, “the new benchmark glass when it comes to the enjoyment of young wines.” These glasses are 10-1/2 ” inches in height and hold approximately 33-7/8 ounces. These glasses elegantly bring together flavors, aromas and intensity.

The Reidel Vinum XL line of Wine Glasses were developed and launched in 2009. These wine glasses were created for Big, Bold and Concentrated wines. The glasses are made form 24% lead crystal and manufactured in Bavaria, Germany. These wine glasses are grape varietal specific, but can be substituted for various types of wines depending on your preference. The Reidel Vinum XL line is positioned as the next generation of wine glasses. Dishwashing is not recommended for these glasses. IT is best to hand wash them and dry them carefully. They are very comfortable to hold, but extremely delicate at the same time. One must be very careful when washing, drying and serving these. As of now, I myself, only have one glass left. These glasses can be found at, or in any major retail establishment or wine boutique.


Source by Louis Cooper