Quick Facts About Champagne Ardenne


Champagne Ardenne is the city located in the northeastern France, bordering Belgium. The region’s sparkling white wine (Champagne) is famous all over the world.

Transport Facilities in Champagne Ardenne:


It lies on motorway A4 connecting Paris and Strasbourg and this motorway serves the Reims (a city in the Champagne-Ardenne region of France, lies 129 km northeast of Paris) metropolitan area. Motorway A5 connecting Paris and Dijon serves Troyes (a commune in north-central France) and Chaumont. Motorway A26 connecting Calais and Dijon serves Reims and Châlons-en-Champagne. Motorway A34 connecting Reims and the Belgian border serves the Charleville-Mezieres (a commune in Northern France).


Its rail network is inclusive of Paris-Strasbourg line. The network extends to Marne Valley and serves Epernay, Châlons-en-Champagne, and Vitry-le-François. The LGV Est. (LGV Est. euro penne) which is an extension of the French high speed TGV network which connects the Paris and Strasbourg serves Reims with a train station in the Bezannes.


The region’s canals include the Canal lateral à la Marne (a 67 Km. long canal which connects Vitry-le-François to Dizy, in the Marne department in northeastern France) and Marne-Rhine Canal (a canal in north eastern France which connects the river Marne in Vitry-le-François with the Rhine in Strasbourg).


The city is served by Vatry International Airport which is primarily dedicated to air freight. It has a runway which is 3650 meters high and is mainly unused. The airport is situated in a sparsely populated area and is about 150 km. from Paris.


Most of the land is engaged in agricultural activities. The city tops in the production of barley and alfalfa. It ranks second in the production of beets, onions and peas. It is third largest in the production of tender wheat and rapeseeds. The city has about 300 square kilometers of area engaged in the production of grapes for Champagne. The city of Champagne Ardenne is also the third largest metallurgical extraction region in France.


Source by Jonathan Clarke