Log Cabin Rentals and Fine Wine Vineyards in Blue Ridge, GA


When You Rent A Cabin In Blue Ridge, Don’t Forget The Wine and Vineyards!

Who would guess that North Georgia is a great place to grow grapes and make wine? Most people renting log cabins in the Blue Ridge area think of the amazing scenery, lakes, rivers, fishing, hiking and other activities.

Several factors contribute to the perfect growing climate that many wine makers discovered. Grapes need just the right amount of water to produce the finest wines. Too much water is not good for growing grapes and as it turns out our good old Georgia clay actually does not hold much water. The steep mountain slopes also provide good drainage.

The higher elevation of the North Georgia Mountains provides the perfect temperatures for fine grape production. If the temperature is too low certain diseases ruin the crops and if the temperature gets to cold the grapes can freeze or produce poorly.

It also turns out that the months of August, September, and October have the lowest rainfall allowing the grapes to arrive at full maturity with a lower chance being susceptible to fungus.

Now that we know North Georgia is a great place to grow grapes it is time to find out where the vineyards are and explore. We are going to start in the town of Ellijay, GA. Don’t worry there will be more articles with more places to taste and savor the bounty of North Georgia.

Cartecay Vineyards

Cartecay Vineyards is located in Ellijay just South of Blue Ridge, Georgia. The Western facing slopes allow for the vines to receive maximum sun exposure along with proper elevation and sloping landscapes. Creating a terrific growing situation for fine wine.

Cartecay Vineyards has several varieties of wine for you to sample in their historic barn tasting room and there are often concerts.

Engelheim Vineyards

The Engel family planted their first vines in 2009 and harvested their first vintage in 2011; Engelheim Vineyards has been going strong ever since. This is a lovely vineyard complete with an elegant tasting room, events, and tours.

Through their wine tastings in Georgia Engelheim offers the public opportunities to sample and purchase their wines at leisure. You can tour the vineyard and see how the wine is produced.

Have you ever wanted to lean how the professionals pair wine with food? Engelheim works with chefs and wine-pairing instructors to bring wine pairing classes to our customers. They also produce wine pairing dinners, dinners in the vineyard, art events, music events, and wine festivals.


Source by Suzan Schmitt