How To Preserve Remaining Wine?


Wine is the most used drink on occasions, lunches and dinner parties. It is the chief accompanies to important occasions as a part of celebrating the occasion. It is also served as accompanies to food during lurch or dinner. However, once you open a bottle of wine and it remains half used, how do you preserve the wine, till you use it again, without it losing its flavor?

Here are some tips on how to preserve wine.

o Once you open a bottle of wine, air gets into the bottle. When you have a half-used bottle, you need to close it by removing the air out. How do you do this? Put the stopper on top of the wine bottle ad simply pump out the air using a pump. The stopper will close in on the mouth and will become an airtight seal blocking out air into the bottle.

o Wine should always be stored in a refrigerator. Heat deteriorates wine because it oxidizes wine. When you place the wine in a refrigerator this oxidation process slows down. Re-corked wine an lasts for about two to three days in the refrigerator. Oxidized wine taste different.

o You can buy preservative gas and spray it into the bottle of open wine and close it up quickly. When this is done, it pulls out air in the bottle, sealing the wine with its flavor intact.

o You can freeze the bottle of one wine. Simply put it in the freezer compartment and melt is slow when you want to use it again.

o Add some glass beads or marble to the open wine bottle, the wine level raises. Now re-cork it and store in a cool place, the wine flavor is maintained.

By using these small tips to preserve left over wine, you do not have to waste wine which is left over. You can re-use it without the wine tasting funny or different.


Source by Ronald Lewis