Holidays in Umbria – Center of Italy


Umbria has 92 towns and cities within it all furnished with various tourist attractions to cater for various needs. Umbrian wine is one the most coveted exports from Italy. The industry’s growth has been facilitated by the good soils and climate. The best place to learn about the variety of wines on offer while on vacation is at the various wine bars. Most of the wine producers sell from their own outlets or through their distributors. However, they allow wine tasting sessions and guided tours on appointment.

For those who choose Umbria as a destination of choice, there’s a wide variety of wildlife and marine life that is conserved at various parks like the Parco di Colfiorito where there are many wetland habitats and Lake Trasimene that is the fourth largest lake in Italy and is fed by rain water throughout. There’s also the Parco Fluviale Del Tevere which flanks either side of River Tiber for 50 kilometers. Parco Regionale Del Lago Trasimeno has a profusion of characteristically freshwater plants and wildlife with the adjacent slopes occupied by farmland and decidous trees. Umbria is also home to the Parco Regionale del Monte Subasio a great park especially for tourists.

Thematic holidays are also offered in Umbria to the over a million tourists who visit it annually. These offer choices in golfing activities and artistry which Umbrians are endowed with. The holidays are mainly about nature with the wildlife ranging from roebuck to deer while Umbria’s countryside makes ideal grounds for those who want to include golf in their vacation itinerary.

Umbria is also home to a host of poets and the arts. It has a number of old churches aesthetically decorated by famous artists and a collection of manuscripts, documents and other artifacts that have been well preserved through the years. Additionally Umbria has a wide selection of contemporary art, ancient castles and fortresses, Benedictine monasteries, female saints of Umbria and various itineraries making it perfect for religious holidays.

While touring Umbria one can enjoy a leisurely walk through the Monti Sabilini national reserve, go on a guided tour of the oil mills and visit the producers, take light cooking courses or attend the galleries and exhibitions such as the exhibition Perugino. Italy has been very well represented by Umbria in the corporate world by having Meeting Incentives Conferences Events which are housed in various premises and cater for a wide spectrum of events. These are tailored to suit various clientele needs, which add to the growth in the tourism industry. For casual occasions such as weddings Umbria provides the most romantic venues such as the medieval hamlets in natural ambiance next to castles, historic palazzo, country houses elegantly manicured and maintained and monasteries.

For those who subscribe to beauty, health and wellness Umbria offers the fitting relaxation holidays. They have lavish hotels with Jacuzzis; full spa treatment, retreats, Dermocosmetici Oro of Spello that is famous for skin protection and other modern comforts .All these make Italy a very competitive destination for well rounded holidays.


Source by Mical Gordan