French Wines – Gigondas


If you are familiar with my writings on wine, you know that for me the taste of a wine tops my agenda in criticizing that wine. It is not what the experts think and base their opinions on, it is basically the taste of the wine.

Not being a fan of tannic, oaky and heavy wines, I tend to recommend smooth, settling, and delightful wines that have a clean finish and lack aftertaste. So if you are a die hard California wine drinker that enjoy heavy cabs and merlots that have been vinified and developed in relatively new french oak barrels, and carry this conspicuous woody flavor and tannin that linger in your mouth, then you probably do not appreciate my articles as much.

However, if you are a wine drinker that enjoys and even prefers a certain smoothness in a wine that provides a sense of delight in your mouth, my next recommendation in these types of wines is an impressively enjoyable wine from the Rhone region of France called Gigondas .

Gigondas vineyards are located in the Dentelle de Montmirail region of Cote du Rhone in France. They profit from the red clay soil and Mediterranean like weather. Gigondas is a well-balanced and aromatic wine. It is very smooth and settles wonderfully in the mouth. It is a very inviting wine that has such an impressive effect on the consumer, that he or she would have a very difficult time not to completely finish the bottle.

The savvy wine makers of this region develop this wine so impeccably in most chateaus, that in my opinion need to be rewarded by constant recognition and commendations.

The grapes used to make this wine are, Syrah, Grenache, and Mouvedre. Gigondas is available in red and rose '.

Make your next purchase a Gigondas at your local wine shop and find out for yourself what jewel you have discovered. Although most chateaus produce decent wines in the region, I would go with a medium range bottle costing approximately $ 30. You can also consult with the wine clerk at the wine shop. 2004 and 2005 vintages are particularly very good.

Well, here is another wine by which you can impress your friends and family. Enjoy.



Source by Mike Samii