Dordogne Property – What You Need to Know


The Dordogne region of France has long been popular with British people looking for a new home or a second home. The area has a lot to offer. It has a long history, a traditional, rural way of life and stunning natural beauty. Located in the south west of France near the Pyrenees and the Loire Valley it is also close to other regions full of attractions for the tourist. Therefore Dordogne Property is highly popular.

The Dordogne River which gives the region its name is a popular place to stay for its tranquility and beauty. The area has more castles than any other in France with over one thousand. The history of the area goes back much further than that with a number of prehistoric sites including the Lascaux Caves with their famous paintings. Anyone who has visited France will know that each region has its own culinary delicacies and the Dordogne is no different. It is well known for foie gras and duck dishes. Foodies can also visit the small producers in the area for the freshest products and to see how they are made.

Many British nationals own property in the Dordogne as it is seen as the perfect place to reclaim a lifestyle which has largely disappeared in England. The pace of life is slower and more traditional. It is also ever popular for holidays and so many have a second home in the area.

The region is separated into four areas. The capital city is in the central area called White Perigord, due to the limestone plateaus. For those looking for rolling hills the northern area is perfect and is called Green Perigord. Purple Perigord is situated in the south west and is largely a wine growing region. The south east area is called Black Perigord. This is where the prehistoric caves are located in the gorges and deep valleys which are covered in ancient forests. It is the most wild and craggy part of the Dordogne.

Whether you are looking for a property in a town or village or out in the countryside you will be able to find it in the Dordogne. It is also possible to find properties of all sizes and many different styles, even small chateaux. Many people dream of renovating an old property and it is still possible to find places. DIY enthusiasts should beware and take care to follow the local regulations as these can be very strict and the penalties for non compliance can be harsh. Whatever kind of property you are looking for you would be well advised to take a good look around and not go for the first thing which looks like a bargain.

The Dordogne region is easily accessible from the United Kingdom. Many carriers have flights to Bordeaux and Toulouse which are not in the region but are very close by. Also the area does have two airports of its own, in Bergerac and Limoges. Both have flights from the UK but they are fewer than to the larger airports in Bordeaux and Toulouse.

Now is a great time to purchase property in France. The financial problems facing most countries apply there and mean that it is possible to pick up a bargain as the market falls. Also British vendors can afford to drop their prices even further due to favourable currency conditions between the Euro and the Pound. Dordogne Property is a great investment in a beautiful area of France which is highly sought after. Check out what is available now while prices are low.


Source by Ernst Kreyszig