Cornish Wine Producers


The popularity of wine produced in the UK has grown considerably over the last 5 – 10 years, with a huge number of producers popping up all over the country. One area that has particularly excelled is Cornwall, with the warm climate and fertile soils providing a great place to grow grapes. With a tradition of alcohol production already existing in the county, there are numerous people who have adapted this to create some tasty wines.

Many of the wine producers in Cornwall are relatively small establishments, sometimes just a family who produce a fairly small amount of wine but to great effect. Others are producers on a larger scale but what is generally found is that it is of a very high quality. So I thought it would be good to take a look at some of these producers and get a bit of background on the industry. The list below is by no means exhaustive but features a few producers:

Cornish Moorland Wines – Based at the Goen Brenn Winery on Bodmin Moor, they aim to encapsulate the whole of Cornwall in their wines. From the Moor’s beauty right through to Cornish legends, the spirit of the county can be found in their unique, flavoursome wines.

Healey’s – Although primarily a cider farm, they are now also renowned for their local wines produced using home-grown or regional ingredients. Using a specialised press helps create a truly beautiful flavour and visitors to the farm enjoy tasting the produce. All of this is made on a farm that is around 150 years, making it a truly special place.

Camel Valley – One of the most beautiful and picturesque wine producers in Cornwall, Camel Valley have been making wine for over 20 years. Set on the slopes near the Camel River, they are a multi award winning vineyard that uses both traditional and modern methods to produce the best wine possible.

Cornish Orchards – Although not producing traditional wine, they offer a wonderful alternative made of juices and presses that are perfect at any time of year. Produced at Westnorth Manor Farm, it is a fresh offering that will go down well with wine fans and people who aren’t too keen.

As mentioned, these are just a few of the producers in Cornwall who are now getting a reputation for growing and manufacturing top quality wine. Many have won national and international awards and this success is sure to continue. Popular with locals and visitors, Cornish wine seems to be on the rise.


Source by Simon A Nicholls