Around the World With a Rabbit Corkscrew


Being a wine lover, such an incredible accessory as the rabbit corkscrew is essential when you plan on starting a world wide wine party. And the best thing about this type of gathering is that you don’t even have to travel around the world to start understanding about the various types of cultures that those countries have. A good wine tells the connoisseur almost everything about the culinary habits of people who make it.

If you are not a wine enthusiast and can’t imagine how a simple rabbit corkscrew usage can take you this far, then just imagine that you are savoring a blended Merlot over dinner. This, so popular around the world, is originated from France, and is a wine of romance and happiness. It goes best with tender spiced food, and medium rare steaks, and it fits perfectly cheese appetizers as well. And that is exactly what Frenchmen enjoy eating.

Wines from eastern parts of Europe tend to be drier than those in America. And because people here have wine bottles with a longer neck than usual, they are best opened with an opener that pops the cork right out, without risking breaking it inside the bottle. This is why you should use a rabbit corkscrew that has been tested before so it doesn’t push the cork instead of pulling it out if you happen to come across such a wine bottle.

In America, the country of barbecues and freedom, the Frenchmen’s Merlots have grown on people and there are wide regions in which grapes for this type of wine are cultivated. You should definitely use the rabbit corkscrew opener for American corks, as they often are easier to break if force is used. This experience will take you to a taste that is softer than the original blend, a natural trait since people in America do not have the fancy in spices and cheeses typical to France in their diets.

For diversity, Asian wines can end a perfect wine tasting evening and if it could, your rabbit corkscrew would really take pride in opening this variety. These wines are very different from regular types, and usually a lot more expensive. The main characteristic they present is the raised alcohol amount, which is normal given the fact they come from the continent of sake.


Source by Stewie Anderson